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Kaytering Supplies

Kaytering Supplies is a large regionally-based wholesale food distributor who have been in business for more than 40 years, servicing customers across a wide geographic area in north-western NSW. They have been a client of ours for over 25 years and are currently undertaking a major upgrade of their accounting systems and processes. Their business services clubs, hotels, schools, universities, hospitals and restaurants.

We developed comprehensive application software to manage their Debtors and Creditors, including complex pricing algorithms coded as stored procedures within SQL Server 2008 R2. The application was originally developed in 1987 for a non-competing food distributor and adopted by Kaytering Supplies in 1989. It underwent a major revision in 1999 in preparation for Y2K and GST conformance, which effectively required a complete rewrite together with conversion of existing data and business rules. The application was converted to VB6 but retained the use of SQL Server, which was progressively upgraded from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 R2 over time.

In 2014, Kaytering Supplies was purchased by a large nationally-based distributor with plans to migrate the application to Pronto.

Extensive business analysis and process improvement opportunities were explored to make the system more robust and reliable. This included features like the development of spreadsheets exported directly from the database to provide sales representatives with a simplified experience for capturing order information while on the road, emailing and importing those orders without having to wait until they were physically back in the office for the orders to be processed and delivered.

Inventory management was dramatically improved through the provision of automated stock take procedures and simplified updating of counted stock, by moving away from manual stock cards and placing supplier orders through the system.

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