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Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

The RACP represents, trains and certifies physicians throughout Australia and New Zealand. They were undergoing the implementation of a new Membership system and needed process documentation and training material to facilitate the transition from an in-house system to a more commercial and supportable product.

We were engaged to assist with the development of process models using Holocentric Modeler (the desktop client) and Modelpedia (published web version) and to establish governance and standards around how the tool would be used to map current and future-state processes.

A team of business analysts performed extensive analysis of current and future-state requirements, continually looking for process improvement opportunities.

One of the features of Holocentric is the ability to create training material directly out of a model and publish it through Modelpedia for college-wide access. As part of this process, we demonstrated to College personnel how to create real-time links to content stored in their Document Management System (Alfresco), including both published documents and training videos.

Using Holocentric Modeler and Modelpedia allowed us to track the flow of information and transfer of responsibility across previously siloed departments using auto-generated RACI matrices. More importantly, it provided a single source of truth for the most current content, rather than relying on documents stored on individual PCs or shared network drives.