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Scott Safety

Tyco is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world. We have provided specialised workflow applications for one of their major divisions, Scott Safety (now owned by 3M) since the beginning of 2005.

This software was written using ASP.NET on top of SQL Server as an intranet application (available across all ANZ locations) and continues to be used for a variety of workflow approvals for such things as:

  • Application for Product Development
  • Non-Conformance Reports
  • Customer Complaint Notifications
  • Technical Advice Requests
  • Lab Sample Requests
  • Corrective Action Reports
  • Purchase Requisitions


The application is tightly integrated with Active Directory to provide true Single Sign-On (SSO) and utilises a combination of email reminders and user dashboards to ensure that content is reviewed and approved in a timely manner.

Documents can be rerouted or delegated to other staff in the event of holidays or other absences, and makes extensive use of stored procedures and views to improve performance and simplify access.

Extensive business analysis, conducted with the project sponsor and Operational Excellence Manager, lead to significant improvements in many of the processes, together with greater visibility to trends through better data visualisation.

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