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Sydney Water

Sydney Water is undergoing transformational change, with one criteria, among many others, being certification to ISO 9001-2015. Sydney Water have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), as a framework, to achieve this objective by June 30, 2018.

We were engaged to assist with the development and documentation of current and future-state processes using Holocentric Modeler and Modelpedia. We were able to apply our extensive experience and knowledge of this environment to extend the capabilities of the toolkit to ensure that Sydney Water captured all the information necessary to prepare them for external audits, ultimately leading to ISO 9001 Certification.

This involved extensive business analysis and review with stakeholders across the organisation, and the development of tools and techniques allowing staff and Subject Matter Experts to validate their current processes and identify process improvement opportunities.

Process models were published from Holocentric Modeler to Modelpedia for wider access across the organisation. Our principal consultant Peter Stanford, received a Sydney Water Lifestream award for his contribution to the project.

Extensive documentation, in the form of both process models and physical documents, was provided to ensure continuity for staff assuming responsibility for QMS content in the future.

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